President Avetis Muradyan April 24th Speech Transcript


I know that the overwhelming feeling at this centenary of the Armenian Genocide is grief. Everything has a fallen short of expectation. We have been refused so much that we asked for. Even the Great Nations of this Earth who say to us “Armenians! We share your pain” have not learned the lessons of the Armenian Genocide. One only has to look to Iraq and Syria, where our Christian Assyrian brothers and sisters are being murdered to see that the world has not learned. One has to look to the bombing of Aleppo’s Armenian quarter by Turkish backed Islamists to see that the world has not learned. One has to look to the devastation of Kobani, in what God willing will be Kurdistan, where the children of our Kurdish brothers and sisters are cold, starving and orphaned to see that the world has not learned. One has to look to Parliament Hill in Ottawa where hundreds of Turks have gathered to sanctify and praise the murder of our ancestors to see that the world has not learned.

However I have not come here to talk about grief, I am not here to talk about hope either. I am here to tell you all that needs to be said, all that every man, woman and child here assembled needs to know in their hears.

First it was the Persians, then the Romans and than came the Mongols, the Seljuk Turks, the Ottomans… But what all these blinded fools had in common was that they believed they could destroy us. Armenians cannot die by the sword. We are not a nation of men and women but a nation of ancient souls. And what for 2000 years our hated overlords could not learn was that you cannot kill souls, they are eternal. The souls of the ancestors who fell in the Syrian desert have not died. The souls of the martyrs of Baku and Sumgait have not died. The soul of Hrant Dink has not died. Their souls are here guiding us, guarding us through the centuries and millennia to come until the end of time. No Armenians cannot die by the sword.

And where are the Romans today? Where are the Parthians today? Where are the Mongols today? Yet we, Armenians, are here today! And we know where our oppressors will be tomorrow. Where Aliyev, Erdogan, Al-Baghdadi will be tomorrow. No one will even remember the barbaric colour they chose for their Crescent.

I have not come here today to babble about grief or hope but to tell you about tomorrow. And I intend this for the young Armenians. We must remember that our great-grandparents who survived were often the only child in an massacred village to do so. Every single man, woman and child who survived the Genocide is a miracle this every single one of you is a miracle. We must remember that we only have each other. And no amount of recognition can make up for that knowledge.

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